Expand your outdoor oasis with our comprehensive range of specialized services, designed to elevate your garden and transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking retreat. At Landscape Maintenance Services (LMS), we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of solutions to meet all your landscaping needs, from palm tree pruning to pebble work and everything in between. With our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, ensuring your complete satisfaction every step of the way.

Here’s a closer look at the additional services we provide:

  1. Palm Tree Pruning/Tall Tree Services: Trust our qualified and experienced professionals to expertly prune palm trees and tall trees, maintaining their health and aesthetics. We also offer full palm tree removal and stump grinding services when necessary, ensuring a seamless transition for your landscape.
  2. Palm Tree Treatment against Palm Beetle “Picudo Rojo”: Safeguard your palm trees against the destructive palm beetle with our specialized treatment solutions, protecting their vitality and longevity.
  3. Complete Garden Makeovers/Restyling/Cleaning Up: Revitalize your overgrown garden with a complete makeover tailored to your preferences. Our team of qualified gardeners and trainees will breathe new life into your outdoor space, enhancing its beauty and functionality.
  4. Hedging: Whether you need precise trimming of topiaries or maintenance of tall bordering hedges, our advanced equipment and skilled professionals ensure impeccable results, shaping your hedges to perfection.
  5. Plant Selection and Establishment: Consult with our experienced team to choose plants that thrive in the unique conditions of the Costa Blanca. From adding a splash of color to transforming entire garden beds, we’ll help you create a vibrant and flourishing landscape.
  6. Tree and Shrub Pruning and Shaping: Ensure the health and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs with expert pruning and shaping services, utilizing cutting-edge equipment to achieve optimal results.
  7. Rubbish Removal: Keep your property clean and clutter-free with our rubbish removal services, ranging from small-scale cleanups to larger tree work projects.
  8. Top Dressing & Fertilizing: Maintain the health and vibrancy of your lawn with our top dressing and fertilizing treatments, promoting lush, green grass throughout the year.
  9. Lawn Care: Leave the mowing and maintenance of your lawn to us, ensuring a neatly manicured appearance with precise edging and thorough cleanup.
  10. Pest/Disease & Weed Control: Protect your garden from pests, diseases, and invasive weeds with our targeted control measures, preserving its beauty and health.
  11. Garden Edging: Enhance the appearance and functionality of your garden with professional edging solutions, adding a polished finish to your lawn and garden beds.
  12. Stepping Stone Pathways: Create charming pathways or replace existing ones with our skilled construction services, utilizing a variety of designs and styles to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  13. Pebble Work: Explore the versatility of pebbles in your landscaping projects, from accenting stepping stone pathways to creating visually stunning pathways and garden features.

At LMS, we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations and bringing your landscaping vision to life. Contact us today to explore how our specialized services can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.