We also offer the following services:

  • Palm tree pruning / tall treesservices-home

We have qualified and experienced professionals who will prune any palm trees and tall trees. We also cater for full palm tree removal and stump grinding service when removal is required-

  • Palm tree treatment against palm Beetle “picudo rojo”
  • Complete garden makeovers / restyling / cleaning up

palm-treesWe can send in a team to give your overgrown garden the face lift it needs to get it back on track f.e. selling your property. We have qualified gardeners and trainees who are all professional and experienced to give you value for money and the change your garden needs.

  • Hedging

We have all the high tech, up to date equipment to manage hedges of all shapes and sizes. From smaller topiaries up to tall bordering hedges, your hedges will be trimmed and shaped to perfection.

  • Plant selection and establishment

We can arrange for one of our experienced team to come and discuss with you plants that will suit your garden and what will work with the conditions of the Costa Blanca. Whether it be a few different varieties to add some colour or changing a complete garden bed, anything is possible!

  • Tree and shrub pruning and shaping

Once again with our high tech equipment we can make sure that all your trees and shrubs are pruned correctly.

  • Rubbish removallandscape-maintenance-services-denia

We can arrange for rubbish to be removed from your property, from one bag to providing a skip for larger clean ups or tree work.

  • Top dressing & fertilising

It is important to make sure that your grass doesn’t get too compacted so we can core or spike and top dress your lawn so as during the year you have wonderful healthy grass.

  • Lawn care

We provide lawn mowing services to most areas which include cutting your edges properly, mowing all lawns and blowing down your pathways and driveway so everything is neat and tidy.

  • Pest / disease & weed control
  • Garden edging

Sometimes to finish off a lawn, contain a garden bed or pebbled area it can look better if you place some edging along the bed. This keeps the grass out of the garden and gives it a more finished look. Get us to show you how we can make the garden look neater.

  • Stepping stone pathways

Replacing pathways or constructing new ones is easy with one of our experienced workers. Instead of paving a whole area Stepping Stones can create a softer look. There are many different designs and styles to choose from.

  • Pebble work

Pebbles can look good in a number of areas whether it be around stepping stones, creating creating pathways. Let us show you how effective they can be.